Movie and a Cartoon: "Africa Screams" & "Big Bad Sindbad"

Movie and a Cartoon: Africa Screams and Big Bad Sindbad.

Abbott and Costello Star in the hilarious comedy "Africa Screams". Abbott and Costello try to pass themselves off as some of the world's leading African safari hunters, when in reality they'd be lucky to find Africa on a globe. Their tales of bravado are overheard by diamond thieves who take them as their guides on a secret expedition into the heart of Africa. Their only hope is that Africa is no match for their comedic timing. Expertly restored and in color for the first time, this wonderful family romp of a movie goes through jungles filled with lions, monkeys and even a giant ape!

Run Time: 79 minutes

Includes Popeye cartoon, "Big, Bad Sindbad"

Popeye takes three of his nephews on a visit to a Nautical Museum. They come across a colossal statue of Sindbad, with the inscription "Greatest Sailor in the World", upon which Popeye relates the events of Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor to the kids. They then proceed to re-chisel the statue into an image of Popeye, with the 'Greatest Sailor in the World' inscription left intact.

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